Six important facts that you should know about How to wear scarves

Scarves can be worn in different ways here are some ideas

1) Around the waist with a belt

Wrap the length of the scarf around your body and tuck in the ends. Secure and cinch your waist with a belt.

2)Hand on the hip with scarf around you

Position the shawl on your shoulders

Hold on to the 2 ends in front of you

3) Tied in the front in a knot

Position Scarf

Bring the top ends of the shawl/scarf to the center of your chest and cross them

Twist the ends

Tie a knot and secure by tucking it in

4)Wrapped around neck

Just wind the scarf around your neck haphazardly to create a natural drape.

5)Hanging scarf down from neck

Tie ends A and D together. Hang the scarf on your neck with the knot positioned behind

the neck.

6)Hanging down on one side with one side long and the other side short

The ends A and B together. Tie ends C and D together. Put your hands through the 2 small

loops created from the tied ends. Wear it as a baggy cardigan with the body of the scarf

resting on your shoulders.

Hope these tips will help you in recreating the different styles.


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