How to decorate an amazing Music Note Themed Birthday Party

Music Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids from

And also features party favor ideas like sheet music bag , trinket box, music staff candleholder, bottle opener and more.

Forget regular old confetti! Use our unique, music notes confetti and really stand out!

This music decoration is perfect for any music themed party or just to decorate your music room. Get one of these today.

These 10” plates are perfect for your party. Printed with sheet music all over the plate. Make no mistake these sheet music plates are great for any music themed gathering. Pick some up today. Come 16 per pack.

Paper cups printed with sheet music all around the cup. Paper cups great for any music party. They hold 9oz and come 16 per pack.

Music sheet designed napkins. Great for that music party and all lovers of music. 20 napkins per pack.

Small Sheet Music Bag 4.5 x 2.5 x 5.75

Playing Cards, Sheet music design.

This tea light comes with a 2" candle holder with a music staff design.

This trinket box makes for great decoration and also holds small treasures!

A Fret Board bottle opener is a device that enables the removal of metal bottle caps from glass bottles. More generally, it might be thought to include corkscrews used to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles.

A metal bottle cap is affixed to the rim of the neck of a bottle by being pleated or ruffled around the rim. A bottle opener is a specialized lever inserted beneath the pleated metalwork, which uses a point on the bottle cap as a fulcrum on which to pivot.

#Happy Birthday!!!!

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