A portfolio is a large, flat briefcase used to hold papers and other loose materials, like maps or artwork. A portfolio is usually used to transport important documents, like examples of your graphic design work if you're an artist.

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What a portfolio bag is used for:

For Loose Items - Traditional Zippered Portfolios, Canvas Art Bags (Student Portfolios), Expandable Portfolios. Generally speaking, this category includes anything that can be used as carrying cases for individual pieces of artwork or graphics that are not bound together.

What's the difference between a portfolio bag and a laptop bag:

A portfolio will usually have a zipper, are smaller in size than briefcases, and like the padfolios, will contain several compartments or pockets for storage of important documents or even tecnology products like small laptops or tablets.

How to carry a portfolio bag:

If you're having trouble finding a bag that works for you, search specifically for Portfolio Bag or laptop bags. While some are bulky and designed for travel, a more tailored look is key for job interviews. Search for lightweight, leather (or a substitute, "vegan" version) or "stylish" portfolio bag or laptop bag to find something that looks like a polished briefcase or tote, but also works as a laptop bag.

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“Please share this with your friends and family” Thank You!

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